Sunday, June 03, 2007

Snipets from a phone conversation with college friend

Friend: Hey, remember the time when we were obsessed with the Backstreet Boys for like six months, and the four of us used to not go out because we were at home watching tapes of their concerts? Dude, we were obsessed with them.

Me: Yeah, we would get genuinely annoyed when the guys would call and be like "Why aren't you girls at the party?" because they were interrupting our tape watching!

Um, yeah! Remember the time the four of us made a video that we were going to send to Rosie O'Donnell, hoping that she would somehow introduce us to them on her show??

Ha!! Yeah!!! We had all of these plans, like we were going to go around campus interviewing people about what they thought about the Backstreet Boys. Then we each did our own separate interviews about why we had chosen our favorite one, and what we could say to him if we could meet them.

Yeah! And in yours you were like "I think Nick would really love me because I have big boobs. And I study opera." HA HA!!!

Yeah. Wow. I really did do that. I think I actually sang on the tape too. Wow.

Yeah you did!! Remember how we would tape ourselves watching the concerts, because we thought we could use it in the video, then we would watch the tapes of ourselves watching the concerts!

HA! How embarrassing.

Totally!! And then I felt sorry for Brian because he had that heart condition. HA!

Dude, remember the concert?

HA!!! I remember you flicking off that lady driving a mini-van full of kids in the parking lot!!

She was a total bitch!


Remember how we seriously yelled at those 13 year old girls because they were blocking our view?

HA! Remember how the guys dressed up as the Backstreet Boys for Halloween and we went nuts for them???

Dude, how could I forget? That was the night I was dressed up as Christina Aguliera and I got so drunk on jungle juice that I threw up and then passed out in someone else's bed. And there are pictures of me licking our friend because he was dressed up as Nick Carter.

Oh, college...

Yeah, college... And then the next year I got genuinely mad at you for telling me that you were starting to like N'Sync better.

What can I say? Bye, Bye, Bye was a great song.


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