Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Over analyzing the Inbox

"So I got an email from K today," I said to my good buddy, Jack as he walked me to my car after Happy Hour.

"Really? Saying what?" I smiled, knowing that Jack had been the perfect person to tell. A dude through and through who genuinely wants the best for his favorite girl friends, shares my delight in over analyzing mundane scenarios, and gives the ultimate in guy perspective, we often swap dating stories.

"Totally random and weird. One fragmented sentence saying that he was sorry for not coming over and talking to me when we were at the same bar two weeks ago."

"Wow. Pretty high opinion of himself, huh?"

"Yeah!! That was completely my first instinct! I mean, hello?? Did he not realize that I also did not go over and talk to him? For a reason - I have no desire to talk to him!"

"When did you run into him?"

"Two weeks ago to the day."

"Wow. Talk about a guy that has no game." (See why I love Jack?) "Yeah, you definitely don't want anything to do with him. You need a guy who has his shit together."

"Yeah," grinning.

"So don't respond to the email."

"Nope, I have to respond."

Jack gave me a quizzical look.

"Because if he really does for some warped reason think that I would somehow care that he didn't come over, then that thought must be squashed. Plus, it would be an added bonus if he tried to get together with me and I got to reject him. So I was thinking that I would say something like..."

"No. I know what you're about to say. If you have to respond, you must not sound defensive."


"Short. Quick. Flippant. 'Yeah, maybe we'll get another chance to catch up. Have a great summer!' Something like that."

"Should I mention..."

"No!" He really does have a talent for reading my mind at this point.

"You're right."

"I know. Are you sure you won't come with me?"

"No thanks. Enjoy H Potts."

"Cheers." His standard closing as he shuffles down the street towards his car. As I watch him go, I once again thank my lucky stars for friends who can get me out of the way of myself.


Blogger Trey said...

smart guy. he is totally right. I love the example response, what a dis!

4:47 PM  

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