Monday, July 09, 2007


It's funny how easy it is to lose it. To become bogged down with the everyday, or swept up with people that you don't even like that much. To become influenced by people who don't really get you, rather than surround yourself with those who do.

Maybe it's because living downwind of the breath of inspiration can easily become exhausting. Being around people who actually challenge your intellect and force you to consider possibilities can be... well... challenging. Like when their constant support and excitement, probing questions and insightful observations actually just prove to be overwhelming? Or when their own goals and projects seem more purposeful and important than yours, and insecurity creeps in?

So sometimes it just becomes easier to just sweep some of that stuff under the rug and become involved in more mundane tasks. (Like, oh, I don't know... Hosting a Princess House party for your aunt so that she can try to convince your friends to buy random houseware shit. Some of which, you actually kinda like, God help you.) You surround yourself with people who seemingly have no real aspirations of their own, and who simply stare blankly if you even start to answer the question, "So what have you been up to?" truthfully.

It's just that, there are very few people who can relate to some of the things you have in mind, so it becomes easier to just go with the flow, and soon you are working less and less on your goals and ideas.

Until you suddenly reconnect with an old friend who is in a place of chasing after their dreams. Someone who is so passionate about what they are doing that it becomes truly inspiring to you, and you get giddily excited for them. Then when they ask about you, you do something you hardly ever do anymore - you answer truthfully. Well, I've got this idea... or Hey, the coolest thing happened at work the other day... And they listen. Excitedly.

So you keep going. And suddenly you are excited again. And inspired. And you end up talking over each other, asking the other questions about their projects, but hardly able to fit it in because they are asking so many questions about yours. And the next thing you know, there isn't enough time in the day to do all that you want to do.

And your idea of self-worth is right back where it belongs. Through the roof. And you can't wait to keep going with the rest of your life, and for your old friend to do the same.


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