Sunday, July 08, 2007

Heatwave Hibernation

This particular species seems find the heat to be completely oppressive, so when the temperatures start to slyly creep into the upper 90's for more than two days in a row, it tends to do what most mammals do in the extreme cold - hibernates.

No guilt is felt - only a mild curiosity at being exhausted every night and falling into bed at ten o'clock for no particular reason. Outdoor activities are completely banned, and entire days can easily be spent on the couch. Social activities are kept at a minimum, since the laziness apparently carries over into almost every facet of life.

Well, almost every facet. Because during hibernation, this species tends to do things that are warming to her soul, while trying to cool her body. Reading, for one. Finally, some progress is made on chipping away at the mountain of books on the "to conquer" list. The side-effects of this are great, as reading tends to provide something other than recreation for this species - inspiration.

With the quiet and peaceful isolation that accompanies the hibernation, there also comes time to act on those things which are inspiring. So plans to earn more wine writing assignments are launched. Contact is made with those who fuel desire within, and plans are executed for events in the near future. Dreams are rediscovered, and self-awareness is once again in the forefront of the mind. Curtains are hung, and laundry is done, therefore the living space is made into even more of a haven to enjoy. Cupcakes are baked and savored, reminding the species of little joys in life.

So it appears that hibernation is not only good for protecting the body from the extremes of nature, but also for feeding the soul and providing a break so that when it is over, the species can once again attack the world with the gusto that others have come to expect as customary.


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