Thursday, September 20, 2007

Polar packing

I spent last weekend gallivanting around New York City - trying new restaurants, sipping on Arneis and Barbera, relaxing in various parks, sipping lattes at Joe in the West Village, shopping at Bloomingdales, and catching up with friends. It was a weekend that made me feel powerful, sophisticated, and alive. Not to mention, broke. Let's just say that plastic was flying from my wallet on a regular basis.

This coming weekend I'll be returning to Blacksburg, Virginia to visit my Alma Mater for the first time in six years. I'll be going to a football game, crashing tailgates, visiting campus and reliving memories as a Theatre Arts major, eating at Macado's, downing $2 Miller Lites, and catching up with friends. It will be a weekend that will make me feel silly, young, and alive. Not to mention, rich. I am planning to bring $30 in cash and genuinely expect it to last me the entire two days.

But in thinking about the two weekends, I think it's interesting that my packing strategies will be completely different for each one.

To go to New York, I neatly folded everything in my chic brown carry-on suitcase and rolled it easily through the airport. To go to Blacksburg, I'll be shoving everything in my Vera Bradley duffel bag and tossing it into the back of my friend's Honda.

For New York I packed high heels. For Blacksburg I'm packing cute sneakers.

I brought a cocktail dress to New York. I'm bringing a jean skirt to Blacksburg.

My going out purse in New York was Coach. My going out purse in Blacksburg will mean shoving my ID and cash into the back pocket of my jeans.

For New York I made sure I packed my entire makeup bag so that I could have smoky black-rimmed eyes. For Blacksburg we might get Hokie decals for our cheeks.

Pre-New York, I double-checked that I had included my straightening iron. Pre-Blacksburg, I'll make sure I have more than one ponytail holder.

Looking at the dichotomies, I honestly can't say which weekend I would prefer. I had a great time last weekend in New York, and I can't wait for this Friday to roll around so that I can hit the road for Blacksburg. Diversity is great.


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