Thursday, January 24, 2008

You probably didn't know

I've spent the last two weeks or so in relative hibernation. Not on purpose or anything, it just kinda happened. I needed to stop spending so much money for a few weeks, and the cold weather made it easy to cook at home, rent movies, catch up with friends on the phone, and generally be cozy for a few days. It was glorious. And then it got boring. I decided not to count the number of reruns of "Who's the Boss?" I watched. I got to the point where even reading a book took too much effort. Who wants to go to the gym? Writing? I mean, what would I even write about?

The hibernation was good, though. My bank account is certainly happy. I'm glad I got some down time. But it's definitely time to come out of it. So here I am, socializing and posting again!

Getting back to writing will be kinda like getting back to the gym - I'll need to stretch first. So the first post is blatantly ripped off from This Fish, because I think it's a really fun idea. Here are some things you probably didn't know about me:

- I'm good at keeping things neat, but terrible at cleaning.

- Sometimes I talk to myself while driving.

- My cat is named after a Fraiser character.

- I hate when people nickname foods, like slaw and kabobs.

- I still get intimidated my really cute boys, and really popular girls.

- I like my legs.

- When I was 23 a palm reader told me that I already knew my soul mate. I have always believed her, but still do now know who she was talking about.

- I hate having to decide what to wear every morning.

- I was obsessed with Sex and the City, but now think that it was a bad influence in some ways.

- Half of the time when I talk about characteristics that a wine has, I'm making it up. (And know that everyone else is too. Don't let them fool you.)

Your turn! What do I probably now know about you?


Anonymous FFF said...

1. My elementary school was called Bluegrass Elementary School.

2. I talk to myself in the mirror just to see what I look like when I'm (a) confronting someone, (b) saying what I wish I had said to the rude cashier/server/driver/mallgoer, (c) pretending that I'm an international superstar.

3. I like Rice-A-Roni...alot.

4. My last cat was named after a unit of measurement.

5. I hate all things Harry Potter with the fire of 1,000 suns.

6. I think I'm handy in the kitchen but I can't wait to learn how to use a knife without risking a missing digit.

7. I used to have panic attacks at the thought of walking down the halls of my high school.

8. I used to think the Washington Redskins resided in Washington State...until I was 22.

9:31 AM  

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