Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fabulous Foodie Week

Right now I am three days into a week that basically sums up the entire reason that I moved here to the Bay Area.

Already happened...

Tuesday night - Glasses of wine at Bin 38. We started off with the Seghesio Arneis, which was bright and lively with a really nice weight on the palate, and moved onto a Vermentino (name of the producer I didn't catch). Then we scooted down Chestnut Street to A 16, which is definitely one of the hottest foodie spots in the country right now. We sat at the bar and shared a pizza with olives, anchovies, and hot peppers, along with a bottle of juicy red wine from Mt. Vesuvius (again, I'm bad about remembering names of producers...) and lamb meatballs. The bartender treated us to a strawberry and ricotta filled crepe for dessert that was to die for. The conversation was lively, and the food and wine were amazing. All in all a great evening.

And planned...

Thursday - drinks in Napa with a wine-pro girlfriend who I haven't seen in months. We get to catch up on our various romantic scandals, I get to finally hear about the few months she spent in New Zealand this spring working a harvest, and we'll sip and nibble our way through downtown Napa, one glass at a time.

Friday - Already have tickets lined up to see Julie and Julia. To say that I cannot wait is a ridiculous understatement. I can barely even watch the previews, I feel such a strong connection to this movie. I absolutely devoured both of the books that it is based on when they first came out, and profoundly loved them both. My and my girls (Jason and Rodrigo, natch) are seeing a 7:15 show at a theater that allows drinks inside - as all should - and then heading out for French food and wine at one of our favorite spots afterwards.

Sunday - Dinner at Saison, the new Sunday-night-only hot spot in the Mission. Run by two up-and-coming San Fransicso hot shots, the reservations are hard to get, the food is supposed to be amazing, and the buzz is huge. Added bonus - my dinner companion is all for dressing up for the occasion. I can't wait to slip into my heels and really enjoy making an event out of a random Sunday night.

And now I'm off to the gym. So that I'll look pretty in my dress on Sunday. Happy foodie-ing, everyone!


Anonymous Hungry Dog said...

What an awesome week. Nice life! :) You should post a review of Julie & Julia after you see it tomorrow.

10:46 AM  

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