Monday, September 07, 2009

I just read LAST Sunday's paper

So when I say that I had a crazy week, I meant it.

It was pretty awesome, though. I got to:

- Head up to Napa three times

- Have one of my best friends visit for three days

- Play a rousing game of bocce ball at this winery with two 80 year old Texan women

- Sell wine here, here and here

- Go on two dates

- Sit on a foggy beach for a few hours

- And finished the week off with waaaaay too much online shopping and chocolate bar nibbling

Ok, ok... enough. This blog has become nothing but a series of lists. That stinks, right? Kinda like this should have:

But it didn't. It was delicious. Kinda like life right now.

Oh my God. What a horrific metaphor. I'm sorry. I'll try to come up with some actual stories to tell soon. I promise.


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