Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry, y'all

I know. I've like, barely posted at all lately. But I've been busy. Doing things like...

- Actually working on a challenging and rewarding job

- Hitting the town with fabulous friends

- Making Macaroni 'n Cheese for hundreds of people

Yes, you read that last one right. On Sunday I had the blessing/curse experience to participate in SF Food Wars's first competition - the Mac 'n Cheese contest. Seriously, everyone should check out the website. This group is too cool. I stupidly got myself involved in the contest thanks to a bit of shit-talking via Twitter, and the next thing you know I had agreed to represent the Southern states by bring a baked mac 'n cheese that included lots of cheddar, sour cream, bacon, and looove, y'all.

Although there were several moments during the planning and execution that I cursed myself for getting myself roped in, the contest itself was a ton of fun. And, added bonus, my recipe will be featured in the article about the event later this week! Very exciting. Here is a picture of my little station, that featured "Miss Erin's Deeply Southern Mac 'n Cheese".

So, that's about it. Working, cooking, going out, and oh yeah - dating. (Mainly, the person who provided the very beautiful flowers that adorned my station.) Those are the things that have kept me from doing less and less writing and relaxing lately. Which I'm pretty much ok with. Because there has been some time to kick up the footsies.


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