Monday, November 21, 2005

Excerpts from an IM conversation...

DPricechicago: your life is like a commercial...
rees20: ha ha
rees20: how so?
DPricechicago: well, like, I can see the commercial starting with dinner with friends, great wine, laughing, cavorting...
rees20: ha ha
DPricechicago: then cut to night out, having wine, dancing, the kissing....
DPricechicago: then you in the tub with a book and some wine...
rees20: ha ha
rees20: you're right!
DPricechicago: Martin, the new scent of twenty calvin klein
rees20: lol... oh god, i hate myself for saying that

DPricechicago: and I joined myspace, but i like friendster better i think....
rees20: did you add me as one of your friends?
rees20: how about trey and christina?
DPricechicago: yes
DPricechicago: no
rees20: sweet
rees20: and you should
DPricechicago: i will...i promise
rees20: well good
DPricechicago: sweet
rees20: so, here's a confession...
DPricechicago: oooohg goodie
rees20: i enjoy watching 2 and a half men
rees20: OH GOD! for shame!
DPricechicago: my computer just shut can't believe it
DPricechicago: jesus, that show...
DPricechicago: oh honey
DPricechicago: i just don't know what to say
rees20: have you ever seen it?
DPricechicago: so the saturday kissing was not with the ambiguous restaurant boy...right
DPricechicago: yes
rees20: i'll bet you'd like it
DPricechicago: i've seen it
DPricechicago: it's fine...but I don't love it
rees20: come on! clitoris leachman is on it tonight
DPricechicago: i love clitoris' work
DPricechicago: but she just rubs me the wrong way
DPricechicago: HA, thank you detroit...
rees20: maybe you rub her the wrong way
rees20: ew! let me finish your jokes for you please!
DPricechicago: ....i never rub the clitoris improperly!
DPricechicago: i'm a solo act...sorry
DPricechicago: little circles.....little circles...then right left right left right left, then circles...
DPricechicago: see!
rees20: hot

DPricechicago: i want to date an older woman maybe...someone who is like 35
DPricechicago: is that weird
rees20: how come?
rees20: i mean, why do you want to date someone older?
DPricechicago: i dunno...older women find me cute and funny
rees20: haha
rees20: don't younger women too?
DPricechicago: ....ok, good point...maybe
DPricechicago: but older women seem more together and confident
DPricechicago: confidence is the sexiest thing in a woman
DPricechicago: bar
DPricechicago: none
rees20: hmmm... and younger women don't have as much confidence?
DPricechicago: i would say that moreoften than not, the younger women I know tend to be less confident
DPricechicago: or that I have met and have been mildly interested in
rees20: interesting
DPricechicago: does that make me sound awful
rees20: maybe they've had it beaten out of them. a lot of men don't like confident women, unfortunately
DPricechicago: totally
DPricechicago: absolutely and totally true
rees20: it sucks
DPricechicago: it's an unfortunate thing
DPricechicago: men are more insecure than any women they've dated...
rees20: ohhh... it just started thundering here
rees20: yeah
DPricechicago: so hot
DPricechicago: i love that


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