Saturday, November 05, 2005

Perfect food combination of the day

Last week I bought an Italian Fontina cheese. When I brought it home and started nibbling on it, I found that I could only do bits at a time because it was incredibly salty. So all week I've been chipping away at the hunk very slowly.

Today while buying apples at a specialty foods and produce store my eyes fell on homemade Virginia honey. I've been craving really good honey since I had some at Mario Battali's restaurant, Otto, the last time I was in New York. I decided to pick up the jar and head home.

At home I got out the cheese and spooned some of the golden honey into a bowl. Dipped the cheese in and swirled it around to be sure I got lots on.

Heavenly! The rich sweetness of the fresh honey was just the thing to finally balance out the saltiness of the cheese. Ahhhh...

Now off to my Saturday evening activity - a silent art and photography auction to benefit AIDS. I'm such a good citizen.


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