Monday, September 24, 2007

April 16: Virginia Tech Remembers

On a completely non-wine related note...

All of us were struck by the tragedy at Virginia Tech this past April. Especially for those of us who are alumni of that amazing institution, it was incredibly surreal to think that such awful events could take place on such a peaceful, beautiful campus.

Some of us sent emails to cope. Some of us did a blog entry. My friend's husband, Neal, trumped us all. He wrote a book about it.

April 16: Virginia Tech Remembers is a collaboration by several Virginia Tech journalism students that chronicles the events leading up to the tragedy, and the aftermath, not only for the students and families, but what it was like for the sleepy town of Blacksburg to have been decended on by the media.

It is currently available for sale on, and at most major bookstores. All of the proceeds go to families of the victims.

I'm not saying you have to buy one...


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