Monday, October 08, 2007

Countdown to the Dinner Party: 6 Days; Making Lists

About a month ago on a boring Saturday, I got to thinking. In my company, there are two other reps that live in the Richmond area, and we hardly ever see each other. We run different routes, and chat on the phone all the time to keep each other in the loop, but we never really spend any time together, despite the fact that we always enjoy each other's company. In fact, I've been working with these guys for close to a year in a half, and have never met either of their wives. Weird, right?

So then I thought further. Unless someone makes the effort, takes the bull by the horns, and does the planning, we never will hang out. So I decided to host a dinner party. The next Monday, I called the men, who consulted their wives, and excitedly confirmed. Saturday, October 13th it is. Each couple will bring an appetizer and wine. I will supply everything else.

So now it is the Monday before, and I have realized how much there is to do. And as I am wont, I have furiously started making lists of things that need to be done before the big night. Things like:

- Borrow a table long enough for all of us to sit at. Not to mention chairs. And silverware.
- Clean. Actually clean.
- Make the perfect playlist.
- Finish planning menu, and make a list of things to get.
- Complete various projects around the house. Like hiding cable cords, arranging bookshelves, etc.
- Retrieve glassware from mom's house that she borrowed for a party six months ago.

This is a mere beginning. What am I doing blogging? I've got to get cracking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You left glasses at my house? Ummmmm............guess I'd better find them for you!


7:26 PM  

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