Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monday is the new Thursday

"Hey Vaughan, Rachael Ray says, 'Guys, you should just invite some friends over for no reason, cook dinner and watch some TV'. Awww... was that your inspiration for tonight?"

I was thumbing through a copy of Rachael's cookbook for guys that I found on his living room bookshelf, which had surely been a gift from a well-meaning sister or aunt.

"Put that shit away," Vaughan shouted from the kitchen, "I don't need advice from her to cook dinner for my peeps."

The four of us had gathered on Monday night for tuna steaks on the grill and How I Met Your Mother on the tube. After the dishes were done, I settled down in an overstuffed chair with my stemless glass of Castle Rock Napa Cabernet, a leftover from my sample bag that day.

"Dessert is served!" Vaughan called out, tossing a bag of Fresh Market's chocolate covered pretzels to his buddy on the sofa.

"Yesssss...." I mumbled happily as I relished in my new favorite combination - $12 Napa Cab, the sweet/salty goodness of chocolate covered pretzels, and CBS's Monday night lineup.

I highly recommend all three.


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